Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Caught in A Rainstorm

Coming back to the city. That I never quite leave.

Picture you be the ocean. Picture me coughing into my sleeve.

Like a snake eating snake you confuse me. Who's killer. Who's captive. Who's free.

In a city that kills by constriction. Throw your streets around me and squeeze.

And draw down the stars. Draw down the stars.

What's in your heart?*

I love Glasgow, even when it's raining.

* Lyrics from Tom McRae's Draw Down The Stars.


PEANUT said...

dere hether i like yore brown pichers i have started to rite my boke now

Heather said...

Oh thank you peanut! Ooh you are writing your book! Which one? Is it The cosmic pincushion of Len Ibis?!

skeadugenga said...

You're getting better with that camera H, some brilliant pictures, even lousy weather looks beautiful if you look at it from the right angle!

Word verification: madbcdth - the play we don't mention..

Hells said...

Beautiful Photo's H :) I love the rainbow one.

My word verication is hpKlit.. I didn't know Harry Potter had one of thsoe..

Jules said...

Those are gorgeous, Heather.

Fraudulent Little Tart said...

Oh Heather, they're lovely. You make it look beautiful, despite the rain!

Molly Bloom said...

I found this post really poignant. I loved the pictures and the words make it. Sometimes only home will do. It is what draws us and holds us when nothing else quite reaches us. Sometimes a place can know more than a person what we really need.

And sometimes...rain is so much more healing than sunxxx

BaggieBird said...

Hi H nice photo's mate. I love a good rain storm (which is good as I sheltered from a few when I was on holiday) Glasgow looks kinda nice in the rain

Betty said...

I'm not sure that I'd ever be able to make Bexleyheath look beautiful, even on a balmy summer's eve, and even if I had great photographic skills.

Thanks for the link by the way! Much appreciated.

rockmother said...

Hi gorgeous Heather

I love that - it was like watching a short film - it all really came to life for me.

Take care and thanks for the link - you are on my list I've just got to stop being a lazy got and update my blogroll!

rockmother said...

Christ - I meant git! Oh no - my word verif is far too long and complicated I can't do it!

Billy said...

Marvellous set of pics there Heather :)

Terri Nixon said...

Wonderful pictures - I LOVE the rain, which always helps :) Plymouth in the rain can look either windswept and glorious (if you're on the Hoe - no "posh pimp" comments please!) or absolute shite if you're trying to get from Woolies to Smiths without getting soaked.
I think, actually, I'll stick to a) Bodmin Moor or b) the north coast of Cornwall when it's wet.
But those pictures are stunning :)

(ps - see? I made it back eventually, I'm a 'homing' blogger!)

realdoc said...

Ever considered working for the Scottish Tourist Board? Great rain photos.