Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hopping on the bandwagon.

According to this site (as originally brought to my attention by the lovely Jools) I look like...

So from left to right we have Natalie Wood, she who slept with Elvis and then died in suspicious circumstances involving Christopher Walken.

Then Sophie Marceau, the hottie in Braveheart and French charm ambassador to East Asia.

Helena Christansen, supermodel.

Emily Browning, actress most famous for her role as Violet Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Halle Berry, star of Catwoman, X-Men or more importantly in my book, The Last Boy Scout.

And finally Christie Brinkley, supermodel and ex-wife of Billy Joel. Interestingly she can now be found as a spokesperson, alongside the mighty Chuck Norris on infomercials for a "Total Gym" Fitness program.

Really though I think the thing has been rather kind, I *wish* I looked like any of those ladies!


Wyndham said...

*wyndham starts foaming at the mouth*

homo escapeons said...

You were lucky..and it worked for you...for whatever reason apparently I resemble Venus Williams (yes the tennis one) Colin Powell, Xzibit, Prince Charles, Carson Daly, Nathan Lane and oh whats the use...
I certainly hope that this isn't the security software being used at airports.

Heather said...

Wyndham- no need for foaming, I really, really don't look anything like any of those ladies!

Homo escapeons, yes it is a bit peculiar. It said that Mr H looked like Rene Russo, whereas he's actually the spitting image of the director Edgar Wright (if only he had his money!).

Del said...

That is indeed a very favourable selection of ladies. I can't remember who I resembled, although I'm sure it wasn't as good as your matches. I'm a little disappointed at the selection of celebrities, though. Always rather... conventional. I'd much rather find myself compared to Barry Chuckle, Little Jimmy Osmond and David Dickinson. Much more fun.

Hello, by the way. Found your blog via your comments on other blogs and like it. Apologies in advance for any of my own silly comments.