Sunday, September 10, 2006

Smiles and Thanks

It's my birthday tomorrow and already I've been lucky enough to recieve two wonderful virtual pressies from people online. I don't think they were meant as birthday gifts, in fact I don't think that those who gave them to me even realised that it was so close to my birthday, but I shall take them as such.

Some people hold stock in the price of presents. They think it can't be good enough if it didn't cost a fortune. These gifts were not expensive but in terms of value I think that they are priceless. They mean the world to me because someone took the time and effort to think about me and to make them for me. It's really touching to know that people care.

Molly's acrostic poem:

Here's to you Heather,
Erudite and kind,
Always good at pop quizzes,
Try not to be down about the job,
Help is always at hand,
Each of us will try and cheer you,
Right here by your side.

Jools' Collage*:

Molly and Jools, bless you both and thank you. I cannot tell you how much your pressies have cheered me up.

To have met so many wonderful people I would consider friends, this is a very happy birthday indeed. Thank you to everyone who has ever posted on here, you've all brightened my days.

Heather. xxx

*Of my favourite rock star Eddie Vedder.


Jules said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Heather. :)

(and as men go - ahem - he ain't bad. :D )

Hells said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow! May all your birthday wishes come true :)

Billy said...

Happy birthday Heather.

Best time of year to be born... late August, early September :)

Jools said...

Anything to cheer up my fave babe! Love and squeezles for tomorrow. J

BaggieBird said...

Happy Birthday H. I hope you have a fab day and get everything you want

realdoc said...

Happy Birthday Heather have a virtual Jack Daniels on me.

Marsha Klein said...

A belated "Happy Birthday" to you Heather. Hope you had a good day and that a spunk-filled locket did not feature among your presents!