Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The Media Guardian Online has 1421 jobs advertised. 5 of those jobs are in Scotland. All are for advanced positions.

S1 Jobs.com has 29 Scottish media jobs advertised. Most are in graphic design. All require 2 or more years experience.

Holdthefrontpage.co.uk has 49 jobs. 2 are in Scotland. Both are in photography.

Jobcentreplus.gov.uk has 13 scottish media jobs. Most of them are for kitchen designers.

It all feels so hopeless.

I'm off to eat a pint of ice cream. Ice Cream is cheering.


Fraudulent Little Tart said...

Chin up dude, you'll get there. There's a shiny job with your name on it somewhere just waiting for you . . . you'll find it.


ill man said...

What FLT said. Keep pushing on.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

I am happily able to post on here again. Thought it was just me being my slightly stupid self why it wouldn't work. Which it was, as usual. I am now a Beta Badger.

Don't eat all the ice-cream - is there some left for me? I'm having trouble leaving my job! I can't get away!

Also agree with FLT, as my brain has now packed up altogether and I can't think what to type!

WV - fyktt. Sounds rather like "feck it" to me!

skeadugenga said...

I have some cheering news for you - check out your PMs on GW.

Baggiebird said...

Chin up chuck. Hopefully the perfect job for you is just round the corner

Baggiebird said...

Sorry about the double post but i'm chuffed that I managed to work out how to post on you blog again -woohoo !

realdoc said...

Keep plugging away persistance pays.

Hope the ice cream has choc cocks in it.

Heather said...

Thanks everyone, it just gets so frustrating. Especially knowing that every day I spend fruitlessly searching the job sites means another day in a job I despise.

Badgie, you do not know me well enough I see, I share my ice cream with no one. I am fiercely terretorial when it comes to icy goodness.

Skeadugenga, you my dear are a goddess amongst women. Thank you! That has cheered me up immesurably!

Baggie- hoorah! huzzah! I'd thought that it had all gotten a bit quiet around here.

Realdoc, sadly no choc cocks, the very epitome of cheering. However mint chocolate sauce did the trick.

Jools said...


Billy said...

Heather, you will prevail.

Keep at it :)

Hells said...

Hi hon, it's been so long. I hope Jools has kept you up-to-date that I've had no net... *looks at Jools*

Sorry to hear about the job front, but I'm sure it's all because your dream job is waiting quietly in the shadows, getting ready to jump out at you.. I'm off on a joint Hen/stag party tonight, so I won't be around but I'll catch you tomorrow instead hon.. Chin up (or chins up if you keep eating that ice cream)

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,

I hope you are ok. I have been trying to comment here for ages and ages. This is my last hope.

Sending you big hugs and hopesxxx

Anonymous said...

Yay! It worked! This is Mollster by the way...!

Here's to you Heather,
Erudite and kind,
Always good at pop quizzes,
Try not to be down about the job,
Help is always at hand,
Each of us will try and cheer you,
Right here by your side.

(An acrostic for youxxx)

Heather said...

Aww, bless you mollster, that is so kind. I love it!

I also love the "this is my last hope." How very princess Leia of you! xxx

Heather said...

Oh and hi Hells! I've missed you, glad to see that you are back online. Jools did keep me updated so don't go giving her any dirty looks! Speak to you soon honey xx.