Thursday, September 14, 2006


I had a wonderful birthday. There was cake, ice cream and a visit to a museum to see mummies, Spitfires, elephants and some rather famous paintings. I also got a digital camera, as exemplified by my cloud photo (taken yesterday in my back garden). It has 5.1 mega pixels, which might be a tad more impressive if I actually knew what mega pixels are.
Anyway, this means you can expect this blog to be all pictured up now that I don't have to rely on my housemate's mobile phone.

On a different note...

I was proposed to yesterday.

By a customer in my work.

Aww, sweet you think?

Maybe, if he hadn't been a smelly* old man in a wheel chair.

He also said that I was like chocolate.

Because I'm nice and chocolate is nice.

I don't quite know what to make of that, although I do feel slightly disturbed.

BETA UPDATE: It has come to my attention that a few people are having problems commenting because of my recent switch over to Beta Blogger. There is a way around this, when you go to comment instead of signing in as a blogger choose Other and simply type in your name, it should then let you post the comment. Or, if you are feeling particularly furtive you could always be Anonymous.
*This is not just a casual insult. He actually smelled.


flamagated_binchvoyd said...

waw by the sounds of it your week has been filled with wonderful things. and happy birthday, little late but please dont put me on your hit list.

pixel is just how far you can zoom in without the pictured becoming messed up isnt it? if not im going to look a bit stupid.

Baggiebird said...

Glad you had a good birthday H. What a fantastic pressie to get. Here's hoping you have hours of fun with it

realdoc said...

On the subject of smelly old men when I was a student one of my female colleagues fainted at her first proper whiff of semi-clad old man and quit medicine on the spot. It' is a powerful aroma is it not.
ps heather is there any way to post on blogs that only allow bloggers to comment (like Great She Elephant) I've tried and I can't do it.

Minion said...


Billy said...

"I was proposed to yesterday"

I read this bit and was about to offer hearty congratulations. Then I read down. Oops.

I like chocolate.

Molly said...

I too got excited by the proposal. I was hoping to come to a wedding!

Hope you had a lovely, lovely birthday. Here is my present to you:

1. Two pieces of Rococo chocolate
2. A spicy bun with cinnamon and icing and a big cherry
3. Three pictures of Miffy
4. A nice notebook and pen with more Miffy on it
5. Two pieces of warm toasty yummy buttery toasty
6. A lovely sofa with big pillows and a duvet on it
7. A squidgy piece of toffee
8. A Tunnock's Tea-cake
9. Two shiny coins
10. A voucher for a million pounds

Hells said...

I got really excited too about the proposal!! That old man could be your sugar daddy.. it's amazing what Febreeze can cover nowadays.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

There was a really rotund smelly man who used to come into the petrol station every day. 'Stunk' isn't a strong enough word for it. It became a daily competition to see who could get away before he entered, and which unlucky loser was left with the task of breathing through their mouths while trying not to touch his yellow hands (looking like he cleaned them with shit, frankly) and making 'pleasant conversation' over the counter. Ewww.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

And I also offer a very late "happy birthday", and very big apologies for not visiting before now to offer it on the proper day. I'll even give you my last worm to make up. :D

Billy said...

If you can read this, I can now comment on beta blogs properly, with a picture and everything.


skeadugenga said...

More birthday wishes and PMs over at t'other place as well. We're missing you H!

Jules said...

I got a digital camera for my last birthday too. Have fun! :D

cello said...


cello said...

Great! It worked. Gosh, Heather that was very annoying. I tried being 'other' before and it still didn't work.

Anyway, I tried to do the meme and everything, but all water under the bridge now. Where were we?

spence said...

Have you left us? come back over!!

cello said...

Left you? Do you mean Heather or me? If me, then the answer is "Never!" Though I am a bit busy...