Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Social boob?

Things I never thought I'd say number 1284....

On old woman flashed me today.

Yes, today I was treated to the sight of a pair of boobs that were at least 70 years of age.


Ah the delights of my job. Working in the changing rooms a very sweet little old lady asked for my opinion on something she was trying on. To respect her privacy, and to save the rest of the changing rooms the sight of her in her scanties I stepped behind the curtain of her cubicle to advise her as best I could. Fashion for the elderly isn't really my forte.

Not sure about the item of clothing she was trying she decided to try on a larger size.

It was at this point she whipped off said garment and revealed herself to be bra-less.

Right in front of me.

I hate to say it, but eeew!

What do you do at a moment like that? I was flabbergasted to say the least, and not just a little embarassed. I really did not want to be looking at her wrinkled cleavage. I averted my eyes and tried to leave the cubicle to let her try on the rest of her prospective purchases without me but she asked me to stay.

I dare say Wayne Rooney may have enjoyed it but I did not.

Saggy tits, every woman and man's worst nightmare.

Although as this picture proves, it is a fate even the most honed amongst us must endure one day.

Seriously though, I wouldn't dream of even stripping to my underwear in front of a shop assistant never mind crossing the nudity barrier. This old biddy didn't even seem to notice.

Has the world gone mad?!


sarah said...

oh dear u have just made me laugh but i see it everyday as a carer and u do get use to it ...we may all end up like that one day

annie said...

Tee hee! You should get danger money for sights such as these, Heather.

Oh Arnie, how you've let yourself go...

baggiebird said...

Can I just second you on the eeew comment.It's that kind of sight that could scar you for life. Try not to have nightmares

e4c5 said...

Its possible that Arnold just worked out too much. My theory is that if one never gets one's pecs too built up they're unlikely to fall as far. Of course, I could be wrong on that.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

I had a suprisingly similar moment while doing work experience at marks and spencer (god knows why I did that - it was one of my less badger moments). They decided it would be good for a 16 year old to work in the lingerie section for a day. My supervisor, who was obviously a pervert and enjoyed seeing women's boobs on a regular basis, decided to let me in (literally) on the joys of her job and showed me what a "session" in the bra fitting rooms was like.


*shudders again*

Fraudulent Little Tart said...

Don't you regress as you grow older? Therefore, 70 year old woman = 3 year old child.
That's still no excuse for it though.
I'll third the 'Eeeeeewwwww' if that's OK!

Heather said...

Sarah, indeed we shall, but I for one shall not be inflicting the sight of them on unsuspecting shop girls. At least I hope not!

Annie, I do get danger money... it's laughably called wages.

I want a raise.

Baggie, no nightmares yet!

e4c5, this is why I try to maintain a strict diet of chocolate and Irn Bru. Gotta keep them pert.

Ah but Badgy at least you were expecting it in a bra fitting session. For me it was just the shock of having a pair of decidedly deflated funbags whipped out with absolutely no warning!

FLT, it was a case of put them away love!

POE said...

My brother gets danger money - but then he works in a category B prison. Luckily for him it's all men so he'll never have to face old lady breasts [shudders].

Molly Bloom said...

I think nudity is always a little bit scary...but especially when it is unexpected. I wonder why she wasn't wearing any undies? Perhaps she was on her way to a hot date.

homo escapeons said...

Hopefully her expired breasts were once magnificent beacons of envy and desire, enjoyed by a loving husband for 50 years, suckled a gaggle of kids, and and are now enjoying their retirement...

on the lighter side we had a sect of people known as Dukaboers who would protest government issues by parading in the nude! Your post instantly reminded me of those images which are burned in my brain of those oldtimers protesting...eewww...

Jess said...

That's happened to me before (as I've already told you..I just felt like posting!), not nice at all! Especially when you're not prepared for it *shudder*

And that pic of Arnie is so damn's just not right!