Saturday, August 05, 2006

Unmitigated Idiocy.

Customer: Where's the Customer Services desk?

Me: On the second floor.

Customer: So it's on the fourth floor?

Me: No the second.

Customer: Ok, the fourth.

Me: No the second, this building is only two storeys high.

Customer: Ok, so it's the second floor, not the fourth floor I'm going to?

Me: Yes.



Fraudulent Little Tart said...

Now you're sure it's not on the fourth floor?

. . . . .

You should've let them go and try to find a fourth floor - could've kept you amused for hours (well moments).

Lynsey said...

That is comedy sketch material. Some people are just bizare.

Billy said...

Ha! Brilliant.

What's the betting the same customer was later found wandering around on the roof?

treespotter said...

he goes up and jump and sue you for wrongful advice or bad customer support.

Molly Bloom said...

Oh dear. That is very stupid. I wonder what they would have done if you'd mentioned the Basement?

Quiz is on Tuesday eve at 8pm if you still want to playxx

Molly Bloom said...

Sorry...change of plan...Wednesday at 8pm now...Bobster and RoMo having problems fitting us in. Cor...some people have all the fun.

baggiebird said...

Can i just say Duh!

e4c5 said...

I think you might have been better off agreeing it was on the fourth floor, and seeing how long it took her to figure out where the fourth floor was.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

I had an odd customer incident today.

I was filling the drinks* in the ol' petrol station, and a man approached and informed me my drink arrangement was "Fucking brilliant, that's so fucking amazing, that's fucking...that's top that..". He then criticised the confectionary for having "too many fucking gaps" and staggered quickly away. The amount of drink drivers is definately increasing these days.

*the level of boredom my job entails usually means I spend most of the day following customers and instantly replacing what they take off the shelf. The shop is the size of a small cupboard.

ill man said...

Maybe there were four floors in the dimension the customer happened to be in at the time. Or 24 flours.

realdoc said...

I think in America the 4th floor is the 2nd floor or something like that or maybe not.

homo escapeons said...

Very Pythonesque..

""Yes I would like to have an argument please.
No you wouldn't!""

Just smile and say have a nice day (you silly twit)