Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Love At First Sight.

I met an Englishman,
"Oh" he said "Won't you walk up and down my spine,
It makes me feel strangely alive."
I said "In these shoes? I doubt you'd survive."
I said "Honey, let's do it. Let's stay right here."*
Had a trip to the cinema this afternoon to see The Notorious Bettie Page (it's very good).
Afterwards I went for a wander around the shops where I espied these magnificent chaussures. Aren't they just lovely? It really was love at first sight.
I wanted them.
I had to have them.
I can walk in them too (just about).
I think they're rather Bettie Page-esque.
Altogether I'd say that it's been a very successful day.
*In These Shoes? by the beautiful and sadly missed Kirsty MacColl.


annie said...

They are very foxy. I wish you well to wear them, as my mum would say. (This post made me laugh because after seeing Betty Page I was inspired to go and buy some underwear. I'm not sure this is the effect intended by the film-makers after seeing the film.)

Robert Swipe said...


Good call on the shoes. In a word: PHWOAR!

Betty Page flick? Saw it NYC earlier this year and I felt it didn't really go anywhere - great though Gretchen Mollster is in the titular role....

As for Kirsty M. - What can I say??

Jules said...

They are gorgeous Heather. I'm envious.:P

baggiebird said...

Very nice shoes H. Have you got the fab slinky red dress to go with them or is that next on your shopping list

skeadugenga said...

Oh Heather, they're gorgeous! Peep-toes? You must have red, or black painted toenails to match.

And my second favourite Kirstie McColl song as well:-) "In these shoes"? "I don't think so...":-)

Billy said...

Nice shoes there Heather. :)

(Gretchen Mollster is an excellent name, why have I not heard of her?)

Molly Bloom said...

Those shoes are fabulous. I want them too. And the name...well you know how I feel about Mollster!!

I bet(tie) those shoes were expensive. I reckon sixty quid?? If they were cheap...let me know where you got them!!

StacieFunkee said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!

realdoc said...

Do they come in a variety of tartans?
I'm not American, just wondering.

Urban Chick said...


i managed to miss the betty page film before the flamin' film festival took over (in da burgh)

AND i want those shoes

bum, just bum