Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Unrequited Shoe Love

I bought some shoes today, in an attempt to avoid a further flip flop fiasco. They are snazzy little slip on canvas shoes somewhat akin to converse but cuter. Look, there they are in the picture.

I love them, oh I love them so... why do they hate me?

I wore them for the first time this evening for a 20 minute trip to the shops.

They'd ripped my heel apart after only 10 minutes. Ouchy ouch. Ouch ouch.

They'd fit in the shop.

Why don't they love me as I love them?


In other news the wedding actually turned out to be quite good fun. The bride was blushing, in a beautiful white gown. The groom was dashing in his kilt.

I danced with Danes and my date who didn't really take all that much persuading despite his earlier protestations. I did actually kick some Danish folk, not intentionally you understand, they kept banging into us when we were doing the military two step. Well they would keep on getting in the way! However no one was seriously injured by our frolics (I think).

At the end the bride and groom did a dance as part of some Danish tradition and we all had to chuck rice at them, to bless their marriage with fertility. The groom's sister and I took great pleasure in aiming all of our rice to land down his shirt collar. Lots of fun. Even if he did chase us a bit afterwards.

All very nice, but...

I still don't understand why my shoes hate me.


Fraudulent Little Tart said...

Shoes - I've found my Holy Grail! Sorry to hear they hurt you so. I have several pairs that do the same; I still wear them though because they're so pretty!

I bought a little key ring the other day which is slightly odd but somehow captures the true essence of shoes, it's by a guy call Edward Monkton . . .

The Shoe of Salvation

Shoe - Look at me. Am I not wonderful?

Lady - You are the most wonderful shoe in the world. I fall to my knees and weep with pleasure when I am with you. You are beauty. You are truth. In you I find my salvation.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

I think most shoes are useful only for looking at, not actually for walking. At least half my shoes do the same, and I have permanent scars from all the blisters I've had from them! But no one can resist their beauty... perhaps they are part of some plan to take over the world; drawing everyone in, then crippling them. Or am I going a bit far?

Heather said...

No I think you may just be right there Badger. Evil shoes.

Little Tart- I love Edward Monkton too. So wonderfully surreal.

baggiebird said...

Oh and I thought it was just me. Most of my shoes rub my feet. I always look at people walking around in lovely sandles and pretty shoes and i think if I was to wear those shoes my feet would be red roar in 10 mins

Billy said...

Are your shoes the ones in the picture?

Heather said...

No they're not Billy, unfortunately I don't have a digital camera and have to rely on my housemate's picture phone and he's away just now. So the shoes on display were simply the most similar ones I could find a picture of online. Mine are much better though, even if they do have heels made out of razorblades.

Evil shoes.

Lynsey said...

I was never really a shoe person until, out of my teens, I realised that some occasions call for different footware than just trainers and Dr Martins. Now all my evil shoes are always making me fall over. Why can't you get pretty summery docs that are suitable for those special occasions. My ankles would be very thankful if they made those. HMPH.

skeadugenga said...

Your shoes hate you because you are walking in them, rather than sitting contemplating them in a state of rapt adoration, as you did in the shop.

Wear the little perishers round the house (where you can take them off when they start to rub) until you've broken their spirit, and only then trust them to take you outside.

realdoc said...

Bow down to the great god converse - they look cool, they're comfortable and all the cool docs are wearing them. Haven't found a way to wear them to work yet though. (don't wear scrubs you see)

Heather said...

I did have converse hightops, I loved them too, but eventually the lining broke and they rubbed my at my heels to much to be comfy. I must get a new pair though.

The best shoes I ever had were a pair of DC skate wear trainers. Oh they were comfy, and lasted for years. Not very pretty though.

Maybe Skeadugenga is right and attractive shoes are just meant to be looked at rather than worn.

How sad.

StacieFunkee said...

I have a pair of shoes very similar to that picture but in a plain blue colour :)

Heather said...

Ha ha! I finally took on the technology and won! Now you too can gaze in wonder at the shoes of satan.

Evil shoes. Harumph.