Sunday, June 25, 2006

Summer and Songs

I've been wearing flip flops today, it's strange how the simple act of exposing your feet to the elements makes you feel all summery. Ahh lovely.

Flip flops are great I thought to myself smugly as I strolled down the high street this morning. Look at me in my spiffy flip flops being all summery.*

Until I had to run for the bus. At which point I managed to leave one of said flip flops behind on the street and had to go hopping back one footed to get it. I must have looked a total tit.

Eventually I got on the bus (I'd managed to miss the one I'd been running for, what with all the flip flop flying and hopping) and after muttering curses against summery footwear for a while settled down with my mp3 player for the journey home.

It was at this point I then succeeded in freaking out the old lady sitting next to me.

It wasn't intentional you understand. I was listening to my music, singing along in my head, except suddenly I wasn't. I was singing out loud, but didn't realise. What makes it slightly worse is that it was Ed Harcourt's song Strangers I was singing. The bit where the lyrics go like this...

"Mow mow mow, mow mow mow"

I love that song**, and will readily admit that the Mow Mow bit is my favourite part. However I suspect the unfortunate octogenarian next to me thought she'd sat down beside some crazy cat woman.***

I still feel decidedly summery though, so it's all good.

*So summery indeed that for a brief delusional moment I even thought I could qualify as a summer girlfriend (TM. Black Books). Although I've never washed my hair in a stream so that idea was quickly quashed.

** I'd post a link to it, but I don't know how. If some technologically gifted person could email me and tell me I would appreciate it muchly.

***I'm not by the way, a cat woman that is. Although the crazy is still open for debate.


patroclus said...

*gratuitous name drop alert*

I met Ed Harcourt once (not long ago, in fact). He said 'Hello'. I said 'Hello'. He said 'I'm Ed'. I said 'I know'.

As conversations go, it wasn't the most exciting one I've ever had.

Heather said...

Still, it's not always the content of the conversation that is exciting, more the person you're having it with.

Slightly more embarrassing was my time meeting Ewan MacGregor when my friend descided to tell him he thought the new Star Wars was shit. Ewan didn't respond.

My friend was right though.

realdoc said...

Meeting famous people...I'm not sure I want to. I am sure to make a total tit of myself.
BTW I bought an Ed Harcourt CD today to see what the fuss is about. I think it is the kind of thing I have to listen to in the car and concentrate.

Lynsey said...

I made a bad footware choice today too H. Never wear slip ons when you are going to be climbing rocky places. Still, at least I learned something new today:)

patroclus said...

When he's not being a fey singer-songwriter, Ed Harcourt plays in this hilarious ironic thrash band called Wild Boar. They're a marvellous sight to behold, all wearing pig masks and getting down on their knees and bawling out songs with names like 'Henry Rollins's Neck Is Bigger Than His Head'. I kid you not.

Mongoosian: Your friend was indeed right. Star Wars was all downhill after The Empire Strikes Back.

Heather said...

I have heard of Wild Boar but as of yet have not actually heard them. I may have to, just to hear the Henry Rollins song. They're right too, his neck is larger than his head.

I do agree on the Star Wars thing, how could they ever beat the "I love you...I know"(ad libbed by the wonderful Harrison Ford) and "I am your father" lines. Although I still have a soft spot for ROTJ, the ewoks never bothered me.

The less said about the prequels the better. I share my feelings on those monstrosities with Tim / Simon Pegg in Spaced.
Bloody Jar Jar!

patroclus said...

Oh you should get to see them if you can, Heather. (Do you prefer Heather or Mongoosian, incidentally?). They're very funny. Very good, too.

Mmm, Harrison Ford in Star Wars...

Heather said...

I would love to see them they do sound like fun (my sort of fun anyway). I missed Ed playing at Oran Mor only a couple of weeks ago because I had no one to go with!

Han Solo was my first love. I had very good taste for an 8 year old.

I prefer Heather, I'm trying to phase the mongoosian out, on my blog anyway. I think it will be gone within a fortnight.

By the way Patroclus, do you mind if I link to your blog?

StacieFunkee said...

I made the mistake once of wearing flip flops in April in Newcastle.

angie-d said...

Flip flops although wonderfully summery and cheering, are best kept for foreign holidays.
Usually between the time I pack my suitcase to go away and unpack it for my return, you can guarantee I have lost (at least) one of them. I've been keeping one legged greek beach dwellers in footware for years!

patroclus said...

Link away, my dear...

Heather said...

Thanks... that's you added now.

treespotter said...

always funny to remember how the english celebrate summer with so much fanfare.

i'm missing the winter. London, that is, not Glasgow.