Monday, June 26, 2006


Ha, the end of my first week in Blogging, not a very exciting event to most of you I know, but a bit of a milestone for me. I just thought I should mark the occasion. So far I've managed 7 posts in 7 days which is pretty good going I feel. Anyway, got to go now as I have folks coming around for a BBQ, not my idea I'll admit. My friend invited everyone around to my house and then told me afterwards so I couldn't get out of it. Ha, he shall feel my wrath for his crimes, it shall be a very wrathy thing. After I've fed him of course.

I'll give you an update on festivities later, if I'm sober enough to type.

UPDATE: 18 Things I have learned at my BBQ tonight. (Please bear in mind I am quite tipsy as I type this)

1.The word chagrin should never be used on a Monday.

2. Doing the big fish, little fish, box dance to Mr Vain by Culturebeat is neither big, nor clever and definitely does not make you look cool.

3. I should wiggle my caboose more often.

4. Two of my male friends admit to trimming their pubic hair.

5. My ex flat mate now lives in New York where women outnumber men 7 to 1. He is in heaven.

6. New York is not really like Sex In The City.

7. I would really love the comic Mouse Guard and should read it post haste.

8. We all love the comic Next Wave. We all sound terrible trying to sing along to it's theme tune.

9. I am the only person in my group of friends who has read Gaiman's Eternals so I couldn't talk to any of them about it.

10. While the meat may be black on the outside, it is actually quite tasty on the inside.

11. Men will always take over a BBQ, it's to do with grrr manliness apparently.

12. Eating and drinking too much simultaniously will make you feel unwell.

13. My ex flatmate does a spectacular impression of Brando doing Shakespeare. How could I live with him for over 2 years and never have heard it before?

14. We could all happily quote 80's movies starring ex SNL presenters until the cows come home.

15. Dan Ackroyd hasn't been funny in a movie since 1989 (apart from Gross Point Blank).

16. With my new hairdo and glasses I'm told I look very Lois Lane .

17. We all love Total Recall far more than is strictly necessary.

18. Hospitals do not have vibrating beds in real life. (Source Fi the nurse, ref Green Wing).

As of yet I have not unleashed my wrath upon my friend... I think I shall save it up for when he is least expecting it. Then he will cower. Well he might if I was in the least bit scary*

Right, I have 7 guests to get back to (I popped away while the footie highlights were on, I haven't abandoned them!) I just felt I should post before the copious amounts of booze I have consumed eliminate all memories of this evening. Goodnight all, hope you've had half as much fun tonight as I have.

*I'm not very scary. Except maybe to mice, and other extremely timid creatures. Dammit! Need to work on my inspiring fear in others skills. Do you think the OU do a course in that?


Lynsey said...

A bit of grrr manliness now again is quite nice, or so I've heard. And I have to agree with you on the Dan Ackroyed point. He is brilliant as Grocer.
Glad you had a good night by the way:)

patroclus said...

Congratulations on completing a successful first week in the blogosphere! All looking very good, keep it up.

Also, I'm all for men that trim their pubic hair.

Did I say that out loud?

Billy said...

"Also, I'm all for men that trim their pubic hair.

Did I say that out loud?"

Erm... yes. Whenever I go to BBQs there's always a man there who's more willing to take over than me. This is a good thing, as I can just stand back and drink some beer.

Heather said...

Hey Patroclus, yes you did say it out loud. I asked myself a similar question this morning when looking at my blog thinking, did I type that!? Particularly in reference to the pubic hair line.

Ahh last night was a mighty fine shindig. There was a lot of talk of propriety but there didn't seem to be a lot of it going on.

Thanks for the kind words about my blogging. Oh and Billy- why do you think I went for a BBQ? It is the best way for a woman to have people round for dinner and then get away with doing no cooking.

skeadugenga said...

Heather, tip for being scary, practise giving people "that look" over the top of your new glasses. I've bowed to the inevitable and used my new reading glasses for the first time at a meeting yesterday. Fortunately, before the giggling started, I got in with a look I'd prepared earlier and people agreed to everything just to escape.