Sunday, June 25, 2006

Faerie Tales??

I found this site today, Urban Faeries.

There seems to be something strange going on in the American town of Ann Arbour.

Magically doors the perfect size for faeries have been appearing all over the town. They even appear to have their own shop!

The doorway in the picture was 'discovered' in a fireplace in a home.

As yet there have been no sightings of the ever elusive faeries...

I do love a good faerie tale.


skeadugenga said...

Following on from the Irn Bru incident, do not drink from any mysterious bottles you might find in the fridge saying "shrink me"..

Heather said...

I shall take your advice into consideration Skeadugenga, although I'm pretty sure it just said "drink me" in the books.

realdoc said...

Do you like Angela Carter? She writes pretty good faerie stories.