Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters.

Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.*

Continuing on with the cavorting theme of the past couple of posts I was talking to a friend about dancing last night. I have had to come to the conclusion that there are certain songs that it is impossible to not dance to. Even if they are excruciatingly embarassing. I just can't help myself. They truly are the physical equivalent of earworm.

Particular repeat offenders in my case are:

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer. (complete with actions along to the lyrics**)

Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance.

Van Halen - Dance the Night Away. (One of the best summer songs of all time)

Van Halen - Jump. (Not so much dancing as a lot of jumping)

Huey Lewis and The News- Power of Love.

Prince - Raspberry Beret, Kiss, Little Red Corvette.

I do love to boogie, even if it does make me look like a total prat.

Do other people have the same problem?

* W.H. Auden

** I've never been quite able to come up with actions for "Tommy used to work on the docks" and "Gina works the diner all day". It upsets me, it does.


Billy said...

Easy, for "working on the docks" mime loading boxes off a boat, for "working in a diner all day" mime writing on a pad and looking flustered.

That's very silly actually.

skeadugenga said...

Hmm - compulsory boogie music. Unoriginal, I know, but Groovejet's "Why does it feel so good" is irresistible. Its either dance or I sing along very loudly, and you don't want to hear that (no you REALLY don't).

Fraudulent Little Tart said...

So many to chose from but if I had to pick one . . .
Kylie, it's got to be Kylie. 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' - seriously!
Restraining myself during that specific episode nearly killed me.

Lynsey said...

I usually hate to dance (in public)but if anything was going to make me strutt my dancing feet it would be: G'N'R - Sweet Child o'mine, The Clash - London Calling and Alice Cooper - Poison.

realdoc said...

Oh God my musical taste goes out the window when mixed with alcohol so I always dance to nearly everything but especially
Sweet Home Alabama
Any big gay disco
If Van the Man is played over here (Ireland du Nord)especially Brown eyed Girl couples of a certain age ie my age get all soppy and embarrass the children

sarah said...

oh yes bon jovi always winner a few of my feet and voice shaking songs have to be
anything by adam and the ants
anything by wham
american pie
come on eileen
anything from the 80's really
sad i know and i don't even need drink to do it either

Heather said...

Billy- it's meant to be silly, there's no point in doing it if you don't go the whole hog. Although I have tried similar actions to the ones you recommended in the past and they didn't really work. The search continues...

Skeadugenga- Ok, I don't!

Lynsey- GnR are another band I have to dance to, particularly Night Train.

Sarah- I love dancing to Adam and The Ants, especially Prince Charming.

"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of"

is my mantra when it comes to dancing.

Billy said...

I've just been reading the words of Livin' on a Prayer. How do you represent "the six string in hock".

(To my shame that line always used to mystify me until it was explained to me what "hock" is; nothing to do with wine)

chatterbox said...

I have been known to dance to Groovejet in the car park at Legoland (there were JCB's dancing at the same time and it seemed rude not to join in). One of the pleasures of getting older is embarrassing your kids, but sometimes I embarrass myself as well.

I'd add Wham and Madonna - both have far too many irresistable dance tracks
Van Morrison's Bright side of the Road
Eurythmics - Thorn in my side
Bronski Beat - Why
BodyRockers - I like the way you move

All of these have plenty of potential for embarrassing inability to keep still.

Realdoc - A Lynard Skynard fan? I still can't resist Freebird as well as Sweet Home Alabama.

Heather said...

Billy I'm glad to hear of your dedication to the Bon Jovi actions cause. Now there is no way to act out "in hock" you just have to mime a six string guitar.

This does give the opportunity to play some air guitar though.

baggiebird said...

I have to agree with Lynsey G'n'R Sweer child of mine gets me dancing everytime. Madness are also a good one to dance to Baggie trousers etc and most Ska has tremendous opportunities to dance around like a loon. Also I do like House of Pain Jump around and Wham Wake me up before you go go. Always makes me think of school disco's. These 2 songs were compulsary, everyone danced

baggiebird said...

Sorry for the double post but I just have to tell you Livin' on a prayer has just come on the radio and i'm indulging in sone very bad singing and a little chair dancing

Heather said...

Glad to hear it Baggiebird, it just has to be done.

joolsweb said...

Baggie bird - Jump around, that's exactly what I was going to say along with Fame!!! There's never parked cars around when you need them.

Terri Nixon said...

I can SO easily avoid dancing to Bon Jovi; comes of asking for any rock track at any wedding/birthday party/anniversary party anywhere, and them always playing Livin' On A Prayer as it's always the only one they ever have. I refuse to dance to it on principle.

Stuff that always gets me going is anything by AC/DC, most 80s stuff and pretty much anything by Billy Idol.

Stuff I have to be drunk to dance to, so I almost always oblige, would be The Time Warp, Camouflage, Delilah, and Star Trekking. HAH! Those heady, pissed-up bike club days!

StacieFunkee said...

At Buffy/Angel conventions they play the Doctor Who song that has a dance routine to it. That *always* has everyone up and dancing.

RachelFunkeh said...

The Doctor Who routine is less a definite must do dance at cons, altho it usually entails me being unable to do it and then flailing around in the style of Pheobe from in "I'm so totally getting it". I have recently discovered that the dance that i must dance to if i hear it is, The Buzzcocks "Ever fallen in love", i say dance, its more like,wave arms, footloose style feet and sing along loudly. But still, dance like no-ones watching eh?

Rachel x

{Minion} said...

Spacemen 3 - revolution....
oh, and NIN - head like a hole,
Fortunately neither are played anywhere I go anymore so I don't have to look like the complete tw*t that I am when i dance...
Oh, and L7 - pretend that we're dead.
and now and then a Sisters of Mercy track...not a must but a maybe...