Thursday, July 13, 2006

The power of voodoo? Who do?

I would have posted this a while a go but Blogger was playing up, telling me that my cookies weren't enabled. I checked and they most definitely were. For a short while I even contemplated putting a chocolate Hob-Nob in the disk drive to see how it liked enabling *that* cookie.

Then rational thought took over my paracetamol and Benylin addled mind.* So I didn't. Could have been interesting though, in a crumb filled, melty chocolate sort of way.

I digress.

So I was surfing the internet earlier and came across a news article about the one and only, the incredible Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

Something struck me... a certain similarity, shall we say?

Is is just me or is the Mighty Mr Richards turning into Hoggle from Labyrinth before our very eyes?

Oh, make up your own minds, but be sure to let me know what you think.

The Music Quiz is still ongoing, I'll be posting the results up soon.

*I've got the flu, if I was going to take drugs for recreational purposes, which I don't, I can think of far better ones to take than Benylin.


Dunzo said...

Oh my god! You're right!!! I wouldn't have remembered Hoggle's name but OMG, you're right! Look at the uncanny resemblance. You are hilarious!

Billy said...

I don't think you were planning to do so, but remember if you kiss Keith Richards he'll get turned into a prince.

Prince of the land of stench!

Lynsey said...

What an uncanny likeness, well spotted Heather.

skeadugenga said...

Oh, I think thats a bit hard on Hoggle... Hope you're feeling better today HRH

Heather said...

Dunzo, whoever you are, I'm really not. I tend to be more of an unintentional comedian that an intentional one I'm afraid.

Billy, ah the prince of stench you say!? Hmmm, don't think it's worth it. Not that I've ever contemplated kissing Keith Richards before. Now Robert Plant? That's a different matter entirely- even if he is old, he's still got *it*.

Lynsey, yes it did scare me a little- especially when I found a picture of Hoggle to check.

Skeadugenga, not sure who the comparison is more cruel to really. I still maintain that if there was a nuclear holocaust all that would be left standing would be Keith and the cockroaches. That man in indestructible I swear it!

Also, I'm feeling better today thanks. :)

homo escapeons said...

Poor Keef.
Atleast his gene pool was incredibly upgraded for his offspring.
Ol Keef will outlive us all. God Bless him for turning down the knighthood. He is the genuine article.

Mind you Sir Keef has a nice ring to it eh wot?