Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I must be insane.

Today I have the day off, the house to myself. So what do I do? Instead of lounging, maybe watching a movie, going for a relaxing swim?

I decide to redesign my blog.

Big Mistake.

It is unbelievably stressfull. This HTML stuff looks simple, but my god is it complicated. I still haven't figured half of it out. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going wrong, I've got the colours up, but I can't get the rounded edges of the posts to go round!

Also, it doesn't look anywhere near as good as I hoped it would. If any HTML experts out there would like to help me out I'd be eternally grateful. Oh and all constructive criticism will be welcomed.

UPDATE: Ok, so I've got it. Sort of. I think. It's not quite what I was going for* but it'll have to do. Still it's nice to have a blog that looks a wee bit individual. Let me know what you think.

*Ok, who am I kidding? - It's nothing like what I was going for.


realdoc said...

Oh I got a shock there. I think it is easier to read this way but was more soothing the other way. That probably doesn't help much sorry.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

Do you have to change the colour of the corners in photoshop? I'm a bit rubbish at html too though!

I like the background colour very much. :-)

Fraudulent Little Tart said...

Heather, it's so pretty.

I can't help you with HTML I'm afraid; I only know how to do it with lots of guess work and some serious playing around.

I see blogger are trying to update us to 'new blogger in beta' is this how you did it? Has anyone taken this giant step yet??

ill man said...

It's fine Heather. I liked the old one too, but this one works just fine.

As long as I can read what you have to say..........

{Minion} said...

Looks ok to me, but then I always look at the inside rather than the packaging.

annie said...

*looks around*

Ooh, pretty. You did it all yourself? You clever thing.

baggiebird said...

It's Cool H. You have done avery good job. My HTML knowlegde is vert limited. I took me a hole hour to figure out how to put in links to other peoples blogs !!!

Billy said...

Gosh, most impressive. I'm trying to work out how long it would have taken me to do this.

(a long time)

cello said...

Green is always good. There should be more green in the world.