Saturday, August 26, 2006

To New Friends and Old.

So I did it. On Thursday I went through to Edinburgh for my first ever 'internet meet' with Cello and Marsha Kline. They were both just as lovely in real life as they are online.

Afterwards I went for long overdue drinks with my dear friend Amy.

Isn't it lovely when you meet people for the first time and feel like you've known them for years, and equally as wonderful when you meet someone you haven't seen in ages and feel like you've never been apart?

Bless the internet, and bless friends. Life would be dull without them.


{Minion} said...

Cool, so glad they didn't turn out to be psychotic sociopaths :)

And yes, it's good to have friends that you don't feel different towards no matter how long you've been apart.

cello said...

We were just lulling her into a false sense of security, minion. Next time it'll be in for the kill.

Anyway Heather, so sorry not to have posted before now. But despite that hotel charging £250 a night it still wanted to charge me extra for Wi-Fi and I just refused to pay it as a (pointless?)protest.

But it was fabulous to meet you both. Consider it a mini-rehearsal for the Convention when your little socks are going to be blown to Mars and beyond.

And thanks for taking the trouble to come all the way over to Edinburgh. It was an amazing day all in all. As I said, I had earlier opened a taxi door to let Russell Brand out, and that evening I spoke to both David Attenborough and Tessa Jowell! But you two were the best by far.

StacieFunkee said...

Most of my closest friends, i have met through the internet. :)

And Cello, Russell Brand, i'm jealous!

Marsha Klein said...

Hi Heather!
I'm still telling everyone I speak to about my exciting internet meeting (well, not absolutely everyone - it's not as if I was a psychotic sociopath!)
Can't wait for the convention!

Practised being "cool" round famous people on Saturday at "Driving Lessons" premiere by NOT asking Rupert Grint if I could adopt him (my daughters are both redheads).

Heather said...

Oh ta Cello! Better than David Attenborough? Well I never.

Although I must admit his voice has always had a strange soporific effect upon me. Everytime I try to watch one of his programmes I manage maybe 20 minutes before he lulls me to sleep.

Hey Marsha, yes I've had a few strange looks from the many, many people I've told too. It really was just wonderful though. Roll on January 2007!

Flying Rodent said...

Edinburgh, eh?

I thought you looked familiar...

Shame you weren't here the night after, you could've spent the evening crammed onto Princes Street trying to watch the fireworks display through tall peoples' hairdos.