Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The BBC has just announced that it is cancelling Top Of The Pops after a 42 year run. I don't know why this upsets me as I don't think I've watched it once in the last 6 years, but I find it's demise is somewhat unsettling.

I used to watch it, every Friday night when I was little. I don't usually go in for nostalgia but I remember how exciting it was sitting waiting to find out what was number 1 in the charts. That was back when being number 1 in the charts actually meant something of course. Back when an artist had to actually sell a lot of singles to get in the top ten.

When my mum was young her ambition was to have every single in the top ten. This was a big ambition for a child who had to save two week's pocket money just to buy one single. My mum was never one to be put off by such things, like economics or reality ( a trait I worryingly share), after all she bought her first record at a time when she didn't even own a record player. She did succeed in her dream though, because back then (the 60's) if a song got into the charts, especially into the top ten it stayed there, often for months. Nowadays the chart changes so much that sort of thing is impossible. Also, who buys singles any more? I haven't bought a single since I was 13 years old, all of my music collection consists of albums.

Really I'd far rather watch Later with Jools Holland, or re-runs of The Old Grey Whistle Test, as the music is far better. The TOTP format is outdated, especially with the onset of all the new fangled technological stuff we have now. Downloads and myspace have taken over.

I didn't even know TOTP had been moved from it's Friday night slot to a late night Sunday position on BBC2. I shall still miss those opening bars of Whole Lotta Love signalling the start of Top Of The Pops. I long ago abandoned it to it's fate of dropping viewing figures and ultimate cancellation. I feel guilty. It feels like a national institution has died today.*

*There is one good point to this however. It means that 'acts' such as Girls Aloud get less time to pollute my TV screen. Now male friends keep telling me that they're actually quite good and that I should give them a chance. They're not. You see I was actually listening to their music. The aforementioned menfolk were trying to look up their skirts. Although considering how much flesh they bear in their performances I really can't blame them for having a good stare.


Hells said...

Aw I agree with you on not watching it in lord knows how long. I remember on a Friday night, Top of the Pops on the Tv in the background, whilst I put on my eyeliner. Once it had finished I'll put some other music, to get in the mood for all night drinking/clubbing.. *sigh* those were the days.. anyway where was I? Oh yes Top of the Pops finishing. Sadly everything comes to an end, but it's a shame that it had to end on a low point in it's life, when most kids nowadays don't even know what it is.

Rabidus Badgerus said...

I never watched TOTPs all that much, but still feel its' cancellation a pity. Now what will I watch when there's nothing to watch?

P.S My leg hurts.

Jess said...

I felt sad that TOTP had been cancelled, even though I haven't watched it for years either. It's just such a childhood thing, (for me, anyway!) I remember getting the TOTP magazine too, ahh back in the day. RIP TOTP!